Bottle Warm Up Tunnel


หมวดหมู่ : Auxiliary Equipment Drying Machine


Bottle warm-up machine is to increase the temperature of the bottles and inner contents after filling. It is widely used for carbonated beverages and drinks to warm up the temperature closing to the environmental ones, so that there will not be condensate on the surface of the bottles, and get ready for the rest process such as sleeve labeling and cartoning etc.

There are spray nozzles imported from Italy inside the tunnel. Large spray area realizes a fast and full heat exchange, improves the warming efficiency and saves energy. The temperature control system can control the temperature of spray water accurately.

The tunnel is divided into four sections, they are cold water collecting, warming zone 1, warming zone 2 and temperature maintaining area.

Technical Parameter :

Heating Resource  :  Steam
Steam Pressure  :  0.5 Mpa
Steam Consumption  :  1260 KG/H
Water Consumption  :  90 – 145 KG/H
Capacity  :  3600BPH based on 600ml PET bottle
Temperature  :  25 - 30 ℃
Warming Time  :  5 – 7 minutes
Workable Bottle Diameter  :  φ50 – 95 mm
Workable Bottle Height  :  ≤ 370 mm
Effective Warming Area  :  19.62 ㎡
Power  :  19.1 KW
Machine Size  :  14530 mm x 2395 mm x 2950 mm


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